Laurawantstogohome Sosheissellingthings
Why Laura, why?

Peace, Puppies and to be able to afford a trip home end July 2011 - that is all i want in life. SOOOO I have taken it apon mself to make it happen, in a sort of ‘Make your own damn Wish” come true. 

"But Laura, how ever are you going to do that??" — I’ll tell you how — I’m selling stuff: art, food which you can buy, doing stupid crazy WOD’s and anything it takes to get $$$$ so I can make this happen.

I’ll be doing ‘Wicked Workout Wednesday’ — where you guys get to sit like gitty school girls in antisipation, “is she going to spew?”. This will be every Wednesday leading up to the games.

You can watch the videos here and chip in if it made you laugh, or cry if you are my mother - true story.

There is no donation too small or too big, they are all appreciated and help in a big way towards the cause.

So sit back, relax and let me do the hard work!

THANK YOU!!! xxx
Puppies on your FACES!!! xxx 

Laurawantstogohome Sosheissellingthings